Stimulus payment mailing schedule tied to Social Security numbers – MarketWatch

So when will you get your tax rebate (stimulus check) back from Uncle Sam? According to a Dow Jones Market Watch article, those 130 million eligible for a tax rebate will receive their money between May 2-16 if you filed your income taxes on time and used direct deposit for your tax refund. Those that were not entitled to a refund may still request their rebate via direct deposit by filing out the direct deposit information when filing their income tax return.  The mailing schedule is based on the last two digits of your Social Security Number.  Late filers (after April 15) will receive their rebate checks May 16 – June 11. Remember, the tax rebate is in addition to your tax refund for 2007 income taxes. Click on the accompanying link to find out more information and the schedule.

Stimulus payment mailing schedule tied to Social Security numbers – MarketWatch


Determine Eligibility:
If you earned less than $3,000 – unfortunately you’d get nothing.
If you earned more than $3,000 but paid no taxes, you’d get $300.
If you earned more than $3,000 and paid taxes, you get $600.
If you have children, add $300 per.
Determine Phaseout Reduction:
The phaseout levels begin at $75k and end at $87k, at a reduction of 5% per $1,000 over the lower limit. If you earn above $87k, you’re over and thus get nothing regardless of the math.


Determine Eligibility (appears to be the same as singles):
If you earned less than $3,000 – unfortunately you’d get nothing.
If you earned more than $3,000 but paid no taxes, you’d get $600.
If you earned more than $3,000 and paid taxes, you get $1,200.
If you have children, add $300 per.

Another Family Reunion Site

If you’re interested in checking out another family reunion webpage may spark your interest. is one of the many social networking sites. The site is touted as being one of the largest family-based social networking sites.

The site also allows you to register your family gathering onto their site. Family members, you are more than welcome to register us. This administrator will be too busy working on our own site & reunion : ). webpage

Walking Tour Sights: Pentagon City Mall

We decided we’ll start a topic called Walking Tour Sights, where we’ll cover some of the exciting places within walking distance of the hotel. Some places are closer than others but they are all within walking distance away. Since the humidity is at its peak during the July and August months, we decided to cover the place closest to the Pentagon City Residence Inn.

Pentagon City MallI’ve come to realize that time is quite limited during the core days of the reunion. If you are able to dig out a bit of free time or made the decision to stay a few days longer, and are a shopping fanatic, the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City , also know as Pentagon City Mall, is for you.

The Fashion Centre was built October 1989 and is the largest covered shopping area in Arlington, Virginia. The Fashion Centre has over 170 stores, covered parking, a large selection of restaurants, and an attached Ritz-Carlton Hotel. With Macy’s and Nordstrom’s serving as the anchor stores, the Fashion Centre offers a middle to upscale shopping experience. In my personal experience, I’d say the mall has everything you would ever want in a mall except a movie theater. Don’t get you hopes up about this mall ever getting a movie theater as their original theater, located in the lower level of the mall, closed its doors the early part of 2003.

Some of the other popular stores are the Gap, Benetton, Victoria Secret, BCBG, Armani Exchange, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, Coach, and an Apple Store that recently opened.

The Fashion Centre is also where you will catch a ride on the Metrorail, the DC Metro area’s subway. It’s a very safe means of transport — and no graffiti!

Area ViewIf, after a long day of shopping you are still wanting more, go check out Pentagon Row, located on the same property adjacent to the Fashion Centre. Pentagon Row is an outdoor retail shopping center and residential living complex. Pentagon Row houses a grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market, restaurants, and much, much more. During the Winter months there’s even an ice skating rink.

Also close by, just off of S. Hayes St. is Pentagon Centre, where there’s a Costco & Best Buy.

I just gave you a brief taste of the area’s shopping district. Don’t take my word for it. You must experience yourself!

If You Plan It Will They Come?

A view of the Capitol from Penn AveWell, well, as our 2008 Reunion draws near, we had a bit of a fright with the fine print of the contract. More importantly, the cancellation fee.

we agree that if we cancel the engagement we will pay the hotel A LARGE SUM OF MONEY within 30 days after cancellation as a reasonable estimate of the harm the cancellation will cause the hotel.

Man, after reading that I feel like a parachutist that just jumped out of a perfectly good plane without a backup chute.

After having a deep conversation on any possible reason we would want to cancel (thinking worst case), we came to the conclusion that canceling isn’t really an option — hopefully. Looking over our Evite RSVP listing we have 13 family members planning to attend. We were initially expecting 50, which is probably a rather lofty number.

Last year, our Phoenix reunion had 27 attendees. That doesn’t seem like a large number but keep in mind most family members, besides some out West, had to hop on a plane and fly for a few hours. Most attendees from the East thought like us — driving cross-country would’ve taken away too many valuable summer days. Don’t get me wrong, flying is not necessarily a bad thing but, for some, may not be a good thing; either financially or due to aviaphobia, the fear of flying.

Having the reunion in our Nation’s Capitol is an attractive location for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a short distance away from the New Yorkers, who outnumbers any other city or state as far as family members go.
  2. Washington DC is 8-9 hours from Toledo and Detroit respectively, they also have a large number of family members.
  3. Opelika, Alabama is about 11 to 12 hours away by car.
  4. Washington DC is one of the largest summer tourist locations in the Nation, stoked with history, especially Black History.
  5. There is an excellent mass transit system in close proximity to the hotel. Depending on your agenda, you may get away with not having to rent a car.
  6. The reunion location is 10 mins away from Reagan National Airport with offers competitive airfare into the city.
  7. The reunion has never been here before.

OK, the last one was kind of lame but true… Even with all of those great reasons we still may have been too ambitious throwing around a number like 50, especially when you factor in the economy. The what? Yes, the economy. With sub prime housing foreclosures on the rise, gas prices possibly approaching over $4.00 a gallon this summer, and unemployment rising, we just may have over estimated our attendees. What do you think?

Faced with those odds we decided to drop our estimate down to 30 attendees. We personally feel, just based on our location and what this city has to offer, we WILL get a larger turn out. At the same time, we tried to make this affordable for all, which means if we do not reach our projected numbers it come out of our family’s pocket (not yours but mine). So lowering our expected guest count is not a negative. I’m thinking of it as our backup chute.

Welcome Harper-Boyd Family Members

Here it is. Our very own web presence. In the coming months we’ll use this to update you on the progress of our 2008 family reunion. As there are only a small number of family members with an email address I’m hoping you will pass the word — and get them connected! This is an on going project and we hope to add more exciting features to keep you coming back.

Keep in mind, this shouldn’t be a one way conversation. Feel free to chime in, comment on posts, or give a shout out. This is our forum. Use it.